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What Can International Employees Do? A Guide for Businesses

Updated: Jan 28


In today's globalized world, the talent pool for your business extends far beyond your national borders. Embracing international employees brings a wealth of perspectives, skills, and experiences that can fuel innovation, expansion, and overall success. But what exactly can these talented individuals do for your company?

This guide provides businesses with a clear picture of the contributions international employees can make, from specific roles and expertise to intangible benefits that enrich your company culture.

Unlocking Specialized Skills and Experience:

  • Filling talent gaps: Does your company require niche expertise or languages not readily available in your local market? International employees can bridge this gap, bringing specialized skills in areas like software development, engineering, healthcare, or research.

  • Global market knowledge: Entering new international markets? Leverage the local market knowledge and cultural understanding of your international employees to navigate nuances, regulations, and consumer preferences, ensuring a smooth and successful entry.

  • Diverse perspectives: International employees bring fresh perspectives and approaches to problem-solving and decision-making. This diversity in thought can spark innovation, lead to more creative solutions, and enhance your competitive edge.

Boosting Productivity and Performance:

  • Multilingual capabilities: Need to cater to international clients or communicate effectively across borders? International employees can be instrumental in bridging language barriers, facilitating smooth communication, and building stronger relationships with global partners.

  • Cultural intelligence: With their understanding of different cultural norms and communication styles, international employees can foster better collaboration and teamwork within a diverse workforce, leading to improved productivity and communication.

  • Global work ethic: Some cultures are known for their strong work ethic and dedication. Hiring individuals from these backgrounds can bring a refreshing focus on productivity and quality, driving performance across the company.

Enriching Your Company Culture:

  • Diversity and inclusion: A diverse workforce promotes inclusivity and creates a more welcoming environment for all employees. International employees contribute to a richer cultural tapestry, fostering understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of different backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Enhanced brand image: Companies with a multinational workforce are perceived as more open-minded, adaptable, and globally aware. This image can attract top talent, improve brand reputation, and boost customer loyalty.

  • Creativity and innovation: The cross-pollination of ideas from diverse cultures fosters creativity and innovation. International employees can introduce new approaches, challenge assumptions, and inspire fresh thinking, leading to a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Supporting International Employees:

To fully unlock the potential of your international employees, it's crucial to create a supportive environment. Here are some key considerations:

  • Effective onboarding: Provide culturally sensitive onboarding programs that familiarize new hires with company policies, procedures, and the local work environment. Offer language support if needed and connect them with mentors or colleagues who can share their experiences.

  • Regular communication: Maintain open and frequent communication channels, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued. Encourage active participation in meetings and brainstorming sessions, and actively solicit feedback from international employees.

  • Respect for cultural differences: Be mindful of cultural differences in communication styles, work-life balance expectations, and decision-making processes. Foster a climate of understanding and respect for different approaches and perspectives.


Hiring international employees is not just about filling positions; it's about tapping into a global pool of talent, expertise, and diverse perspectives. By understanding what international employees can do and actively supporting their integration, businesses can unlock a wealth of benefits that drive innovation, enhance performance, and enrich their company culture. Embrace the global talent landscape and watch your business flourish on the world stage.

Remember, international employees are valuable assets, not just employees. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, your business can harness their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to achieve remarkable success.

About OpsArmy:

OpsArmy is a complete HR platform for companies to hire top international talent, manage compliance and payroll, and monitor performance. They help small businesses and startups hire reliable talent across growth, sales, and operations at 50% lower headcount cost than a US hire.


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