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What is a
Data Analyst?

Stay informed with a data or revenue operations analyst who helps you gain insights, understand patterns, and make better business decisions.

We handle execution, you focus on strategy.

Data Analytics

Metrics Tracking

Data Entry

Data Modeling

and many more!

Save up to 50% more time compared to hiring in-house.

Working with OpsArmy has been a game-changer. They have a large pool of highly skilled and qualified virtual assistants across the world. The process of finding the right hire was smooth, and I appreciate their speed and attention to detail!

Joseph, COO

The talent from OpsArmy is great. The team understands the workflow and they are picking up speed and accuracy. Communication is also great.

CTO, Fintech Startup

Meet John, a Revenue and Data Analyst

John is one of many talented data analysts with a knack for data visualization. Utilizing tools like HubSpot, Tableau, and R Studio, he streamlines operations, uncovers actionable insights, and fosters stronger customer connections. His 4+ years of experience equips his clients with a unique advantage, paving the way for improved efficiency and revenue enhancement.

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Teams Our Talent Have Worked At

How do I start?

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll have you ready in a few simple steps.

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Sign up

Complete our brief signup form, then join us for an introductory call to understand your company and its needs.

Set up

Together, we'll outline specific roles and job descriptions. OpsArmy will then handle the interview and training process to find the ideal talent.

Team up

Meet your new team member and start the collaboration. Expect regular progress check-ins and comprehensive reports.

Find diverse talent for revenue growth

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