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OpsArmy is the
unfair advantage
to scale faster

We take the hard work out of identifying role specifications, translating your needs into job descriptions, and interviewing candidates.

Our skilled talent is ready in under 2 weeks. With our 100% talent warranty, we'll replace any operator for free if needed, ensuring no risk to your business.

Operations for businesses and startups to scale faster

The future of hiring international talent

Our mission is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding.

Growing up, my parents owned a small business, and I saw first hand how challenging it was to run and grow a business. One of the biggest challenges was hiring for the right talent who are trustworthy, reliable, and skilled. Inspired by my family’s journey, I launched OpsArmy to provide small businesses and startups with an army of operators to run their company. 

OpsArmy is an international talent marketplace. We use software and AI to help companies find top talent for roles like sales, marketing, and operations at affordable rates and quick turnaround times. We take pride in being the go-to-partner for businesses as they navigate the future of work and AI. 

Welcome to OpsArmy.

Founder & CEO

Not another staffing firm or payroll provider

OpsArmy is a complete HR solution for international employees. We are the only platform that combines talent sourcing, payroll, onboarding, and performance management. Payroll providers do not provide talent sourcing or interviewing support. Staffing firms do not provide talent management and training. OpsArmy fills in these gaps with a complete HR solution.

What makes OpsArmy unique?

Automate sourcing and vetting

We continuous source and screen candidates until you find someone with the right experiences and skills for your business

Lower Payroll Cost

Save 50% or more on payroll cost when you hire international talent. Our software and lean operations guarantee you this savings

Experienced Talent

Skilled talent with 4+ years of  relevant work experience, fluent English and work in your time zone

Onboarding and Implementation Support

We take the headache out of onboarding and setup. We also improve your existing processes to streamline work and save time

Performance Management

Put managing talent on autopilot as our software tracks timesheets and work activity

Hassle Free Replacement

We offer a 100% Talent Warranty. If unsatisfied, we'll replace the hire within 2 weeks

Working with OperationsArmy has been a game-changer for my business. They have a large pool of highly skilled and qualified virtual assistants across the world. The process of finding the right hire was smooth, and I appreciate their speed and attention to detail!


Our process to interview talent

Talent attraction

We leverage unique partnerships with local entities, recruitment channels, referrals, and listings to attract talent and built a strong pipeline.



Written application

Candidates submit an application about their basic qualifications, experiences, skills, and initial fit.

Language proficiency

Written tests, interviews, and evaluations to ensure candidates possess the necessary language skills for the role.

Cultural fit

Cultural fit assessment focuses on determining if a candidate aligns with the organization's values, work environment, and team dynamics.

Work ethic

Evaluations of a candidate's goals, motivations, dedication as they align with the specific role and company.

Reference checks

Reference checks to gain insights into a candidate's past work performance, character, and professionalism.



Technical fit

Technical assessments, work samples, or practical assignments to assess a candidate's ability to perform the necessary tasks.



Case study

A case project that allows candidates to showcase their problem-solving and analytical skills for the role.



Leadership interview

Leadership interview to confirm the candidate possesses the necessary skills and cultural fit for the role.




Teams Our Talent Have Worked At

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