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Let’s Partner to Advance Businesses and Startups

Refer small businesses, startups, or agencies and get big paybacks: 15% recurring monthly commission on every activated referral with the OpsArmy Partner Program.

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Earn Rewards for Doing Well

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Month 1

Partner Commission


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Month 2 Onwards

Partner Commission


*Partner Commission is limited to the first year of the referring customer’s subscription.

Make More Money Without Extra Effort

Share the love with other professionals and get big paybacks

Become an OpsArmy Partner



Share OpsArmy
with your audience

Track your referrals, earnings
and payouts



Increase your commission.

Grow your referrals and track their engagement with OpsArmy


Get paid for doing good.

Each month you’ll see your partner commission in the payment account you specify.

  • How do I become an OpsArmy Partner?
    Email with the subject line "Interested in OpsArmy Partnership". Within 24 hours, we’ll schedule time to discuss your interest.
  • Am I eligible to join the OpsArmy Partner Program?
    As long as you're a professional genuinely wanting to recommend OpsArmy to your audience, there's a high chance we'll accept you as our partner.
  • How much can I earn?
    There’s no cap on how much you can earn! The more people or companies you refer and the longer they stay with OpsArmy, the more you earn in commissions.
  • How do I get paid?
    We transfer your commission amount monthly to your PayPal account.
  • How can I promote OpsArmy to my audience?
    We encourage you to use any of your existing marketing channels to recommend OpsArmy to your audience. We suggest trying email, social media and blog as your primary promotion channels to start. But don’t limit yourself.
  • What is Operations Army?
    OpsArmy is a complete HR solution for international talent. This means we help companies source top international talent, manage compliance, run payroll, oversee talent performance, and do leadership development and career coaching. Through OpsArmy, companies can hire top international talent at 50% lower cost without the headache of interviewing and performance issues. a
  • How is OpsArmy different from other talent providers?
    OpsArmy is a complete HR solution for international employees. We are the only platform that combines talent sourcing, payroll, onboarding, and performance management. Payroll providers do not provide talent sourcing or interviewing support. Staffing firms do not provide talent management and training. OpsArmy fills in these gaps with a complete HR solution.
  • What is the talent quality like?
    We’ve done the hard work to cultivate a pool of skilled professionals. This involves conducting searches, interviews, onboarding, ongoing trainings, and retention.​ The result is a workforce ready individual who works in your time zone, has 4+ years of relevant experience, and speaks fluent English.
  • What is the full process from signing up to receiving my VA?
    Submit our signup form and schedule an introductory call so we can learn more about your company. Then we proceed to role specification where we strategize profiles and job requirements. Next, OpsArmy finds the international talent that best fits your needs. Finally, you meet your new teammate and kickoff the partnership.

Questions about the OpsArmy 
Partner Program?

Reach out to and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Doing good never felt so rewarding.

Doing good never felt so rewarding.

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