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Let's build the future of work together

Build the modern talent platform

OpsArmy is a fully managed HR service for companies to hire top international talent, manage compliance, run payroll, and monitor performance. We use AI and software to identify top talent across the world and set them up for long-term professional success.

Our vision

To enable a new generation of businesses by managing their most valuable asset: their people. 

Our values guide us

Total ownership

We ensure excellence and accountability in every phase of our service, dedicated to the employee journey.

Impact oriented

We focus on delivering tangible outcomes and significant impacts, both in clients' businesses and in the lives of those we work with.

Develop exceptional talent

We create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere that nurtures top talent, fostering personal and professional growth.

Customer first

We prioritize our clients' success by proactively understanding their needs and delivering exceptional service.

Build the future of work

We are committed to innovating remote work and talent management, embracing change to redefine industry standards.

“The company's genuine care for my professional growth stood out to me. He would intentionally carve time out for coaching and support, which is refreshing as I was early in my professional career."
"OpsArmy provides a remarkable workplace experience. There are ample opportunities for growth and development...The company values communication and offers continuous feedback."
"OpsArmy is a really great place to work in. A comfortable working everything where everyone is free to share their thoughts and opinions. It’s built on excellence and there’s room to grow and become better."


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Managing finances, ensuring accuracy, and applying accounting expertise.

Graphic Designer

Crafting visuals for media, with creative and technical expertise.

Chief of Staff

Managing company operations and coordinating team efforts.

Account Executive, Sales

Driving sales and expanding customer base under CEO.

Sales Development Representative

Generating leads, strategic outreach, and driving sales goals.

Data Analyst

Transforming data into strategic business insights.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

Leading HR functions, policy enforcement, and strategic guidance.

Digital Marketer

Supporting strategies with creativity and technical skills.

Executive Assistant

High-level support, discretion, and efficient multitasking.

Customer Success Manager

Fostering loyal relationships and enhancing satisfaction.

Don't see your role?

Apply anyway and we'll keep you in mind for future roles as they open

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